Garage for Motorcycles

Garages don’t have to be dirty and uncomfortable; it is possible to have a perfectly organized and beautifully designed workshop with custom cabinets, bearable temperatures, lots of energy outlets, and interlocking floor tiles.

Garage For Motorcycles

You may like to spend time in your garage, but when you get that motorcycle lift at a comfortable height along with your other amenities, you may never come out!

Do you know what your “cylinder index” is? That’s the number of all of the cylinders in your garage if you added up the lawn mowers, cars, weed trimmers, air compressors, motorcycles, etc. Like having a low golf handicap, the higher your cylinder count is the more respect you get from other garage addicts.

Motorcycle lovers Chris and Pat Edgerton had a piston count in the high 40’s- an impressive number that needs an adequately-sized garage. When they were building a new house, they built a garage big enough to match. It was so big (28’x40’) that the neighbors thought it was a whole other living space. But what did the Edgertons do with all of that 1100-square-foot space?

They moved their office into their garage

Complete with internet access and telephone, having the office next to the motorcycles in the garage made the mundane tasks of ordering parts, research and operations manuals much more fun.

The lift made a difference

Being able to lift up the motorcycles at a comfortable working height allowed room for tool chests within close reach. When you get caught up in your passion of working on motorcycles, it’s easy to get lost in a project. Being comfortable in a place where you spend a lot of your time is a big necessity.

Get comfortable flooring

Standing on concrete for long periods of time can really do a number on your feet, but the snap-together polypropylene floor tiles are easy to maintain, inexpensive and way more comfortable to stand on. Plus, they are durable, self-draining and chemical resistant. They can interlock in whatever pattern you choose to match the décor of the rest of the garage- feel free to go with a striped, checkerboard or other type of pattern. They are easy to install (the Edgertons were able to place the flooring themselves in four hours) and unlike paint or special coatings, there’s no downtime in waiting for it to dry.

Keep your garage at a moderate temp

Mounting a space heater to the roof of your garage can help keep it warm without taking up any floor space. You can even consider partitioning off your collection from your day-to-day operations with a tarp to try to save energy.

Install lots of electrical outlets

To minimize the number of electrical cords all over the place, consider installing outlets every 32 inches apart on two different circuits (to reduce overloading). A ceiling four-foot fluorescent light fixture and windows can provide great natural light, and the increased number of outlets can make it easy to plug in a task light in darker areas.

Be more efficient and save your body from unnecessary stress

Mounting a TV and stereo to the wall, plus having your computer, internet and telephone all right in the garage saves several trips- and time- into the house. The easily-adjustable pneumatic motorcycle lift platform can save your back from all of that stooping and bending.

Flooring options and wall storage

Along with polypropylene tiles, rollout flooring and DIY epoxy paints and coatings options are available. Baskets and storage racks are generally found at most home improvement centers and can easily be mounted to the walls. Free up more space by hanging fishing rods, sporting equipment, wheelbarrows, and more from hooks.

The Edgertons’ custom furniture and extra storage space

When the Edgertons needed a break, they relaxed with their custom-made chairs, tables and even their BBQ grill made out of wheel rims. Cabinets provided storage space for air compressors, a heater and other utilities, keeping it out of sight but close by.

Having a hobby like motorcycle collecting can require a lot of tools and parts. For neat freak mechanics, all enclosed storage can help hide the clutter. MDF cabinets are well-priced and strong, which is what Chris Edgerton used in his own garage. Although he was able to go with 24” deep cabinets, most standard size garages can only hold 12-18” deep cabinets (if you still want to park cars in your garage). Cabinets that can be mounted to the wall or perched up a bit help prevent moisture damage and make cleaning a bit easier.

A half-height cabinet is ideal for maximizing the use of space. Only taking up a corner, you can keep a compressor and jack under it, the heater mounted over it, and the circuit box across from it. Then hang a ladder from it and put all of your random stuff inside it. Building a long row of 12” cabinets high above your head gets a lot of tools and accessories that you don’t use every day out of the way while not taking up that much space.

If you are an avid machinist, you’ll probably find that keeping all of your tools organized and handy will make your hobby more enjoyable. Mobile tool carts and drawer chests add to keeping order and efficiency.

Add your own unique touch

Go into the Edgertons garage and you probably can’t help but notice the Harley clock on the wall, the headlight-style fixtures, the Harley seat rolling stool, and other motorcycle-inspired accessories. Use your creativity to flaunt what you’ve got!



Choosing The Right Garage Door

Choosing the right garage door for your home could be a process, especially since there are so many styles, designs and materials to choose from. A certain garage door may be perfect for one house and not work for another. However, if you do some research you can come to a decision on which garage door best suits your home. To make your decision easier, we put together a list of things you may want to think about before deciding on a particular garage door.

Choosing the Right Garage Door For Your Home

  • The type of door – there are several options to choose from such as doors that swing out, doors that swing up, doors that roll up, or doors that slide to the side. In the United States, the most common option is the sectional roll up door, which has numerous horizontals panels pivoted together with rollers. This really just depends on how your house is set up. The type of door you choose really just depends on the way your house is set up and your personal preference.
  • The type of material – there is a wide range of materials used when it comes to garage door, each one having different benefits over the other. Also, depending on where you live you may need to chose one kind of garage door over another. In dry locations, a wooden garage door won’t cause you any problems. However, they won’t do quite well in areas with a lot of rain as the water will eventually wear down the wood. While a wood garage door seems like the standard option for most, you may need to look into aluminum based garage doors to ensure safety.
  • Windows – Do you want a garage with no windows? Think again, as that may not be the best idea. Windows can make a huge difference on the appearance of your garage door, and can transform an average looking door into an upscale one. They also allow natural light to shine into the garage, which can make a gloomy garage look much more appealing.
  • Insulation – The amount of required insulation in your garage definitely varies depending on your region. Insulation in the garage may be essential to maximize the comfort level in your garage and increase the energy efficiency of your garage door. The most popular types are batt insulation, foam board insulation and reflective insulation.
  • Warranty – check into the warranty of the garage door to make sure that your products are protected. Most major brands should include warranty, but you may want to double check to avoid headache when something goes wrong with your garage door.

Choosing the right garage door can make or break the overall appearance of your home. Therefore it is essential to do some basic research when choosing your Dream Garage Door! If you have any further questions, contact us today and we will be more than happy to answer all of your garage door related questions!

hurricane proof garage doors

Get Ready for Hurricane Season with Wind Resistant Garage Doors

Hurricane Proof Garage Doors

Garage doors are primary entrances for most homes. This means they are more vulnerable to the pressure caused by high winds. Exposed to harsh weather conditions, doors can be easily damaged by the internal and external pressure put on them by storms and hurricanes.

According to the National Hurricane Center, the eastern U.S coastline experiences about 11 storms every year. Two of those storms are category 3 or higher when measured on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, and six develop into hurricanes.

Storms and hurricanes put pressure on the side of garage doors facing the wind. High winds project debris on to the door’s exteriors, causing damage and weakening its structure.

Garage Door Safety

As the wind speeds up and moves down the sides and around the corner of the property, pressure increases. If the garage door does not have the proper reinforcement, it can collapse under the pressure and take the roof and wall panels down with it, not to mention allowing wind into the building as well.

For superior protection against hurricanes, browse our collection of wind-resistant models. Our hurricane proof garage doors are designed to hold up under pressure changes, debris projectile and damage caused by high winds.

You can select a model based on your local area’s wind-load requirements. Our door designs offer both reliable protection and style so you can keep your home safe without compromising its appearance and curb appeal.

Because wind-load requirements vary from area to area, our hurricane proof garage doors are tested to ensure they meet or exceed all storm categories. They feature extra horizontal bracing to improve deflection, as well as to hold up in different wind zones and levels of exposure.

Homeowners can upgrade springs, tracks, rollers and other hardware to increase garage door strength and endurance. There is also an option to have impact-resistant glass engineered according to specific local codes.

If your insurance company covers additional options that meet impact/cyclic test requirements, you may qualify for special discounts too.

For maximum protection against dangerous hurricanes and storms, check out our range of hurricane shutters on offer. We provide an assortment of shutters in different styles, an array of materials and in a wide range of price points.

Our hurricane shutters not only shield your home from the elements, but also improves security and privacy all year round.

Is your home ready for hurricane season? Search our garage door and shutters collection to prepare today.

If you have any further questions, feel free to check out our FAQ page or call us today! We will be more than happy to answer your questions.