Are you looking for Garage door cable repair? The typical garage door features a large, heavy frame powered to move along tracks by an electric motor operating on a set of torsion springs. Since these springs are under constant pressure between the weight of the door and the force of the motor, additional safety components are necessary. Garage door cables help stabilize the frame and act as an important safeguard in case a spring suddenly snaps.

Garage door cable repair in Houston County

Since these cables address such an important safety issue, it is highly recommended that any issues they experience are immediately resolved. Dream Garage Door is qualified to offer garage door cable repair in Houston County, resolving critical safety issues that may not be immediately noticeable.

Garage Door Cable Repair

What are symptoms of failing cables?

Two of the most common symptoms of a cable that is either failing or about to fail are doors that stick upon opening or closing and doors that slam shut instead of closing gently. If your door exhibits either of these symptoms, contact us and have one of our technicians perform a comprehensive 25-point garage door safety inspection on your door and its various components.

Stuck doors require immediate assessment and repair since an open door is a security vulnerability that neither home nor business owners can support for long. In some cases, the cables need only be professionally adjusted, although if they need to be replaced, our specialists are ready to render emergency same-day service to meet that need.

Slamming doors are often indicative of broken or faulty springs. When these springs are near failure, the entire weight of the door rests on safety cables that deliver uneven force, causing the door to slam shut upon closing. Any individual or property in the vicinity of a slamming door is at risk; contact Dream Garage Door and have an emergency garage door repair team visit your property as soon as possible.