Any property owner who regularly uses their garage door needs Garage Door Maintenance to keep the device components well maintained to ensure reliable service. The best way to schedule garage door maintenance in Houston County is from a company that specializes in garage door repair services like Dream Garage Door. As the most respected company providing garage door tune-up and maintenance in Houston County, we conduct quick, comprehensive inspections and tune-ups.

Garage Door Maintenance.

These inspections ensure that every component and moving part in the garage door mechanism is in excellent working condition. This helps us resolve problems and repair worn out parts before they affect the door’s ability to function. This helps save money by preventing the need for emergency solutions.

Garage Door Maintenance

Our team of overhead door repair experts conducts these inspections and tuning procedures according to the type and brand of door being examined. Our experience in the business of repairing and maintaining garage doors gives us information on what parts need the most attention in specific conditions and environments. This simple fact allows us to provide superior, longer-lasting results than anyone else on the market.

When we tune an overhead door, we typically work in the following fashion:

  • 25-Point Inspection—We conduct the most comprehensive inspection in the industry, individually verifying components and testing their integrity to ensure safe operation.
  • Door Balance Testing—A garage door that is not properly balanced will eventually damage itself and become unsafe to operate. Our specialists ensure that the massive weight of the door is balanced between the tracks running along both its sides.
  • Parts Tightening and Lubrication—A poorly lubricated door may run off-track or damage itself in operation. We make sure that every part is tightened and lubricated for optimum performance.
  • Safety Verification—We check the integrity of our customers’ garage door safety mechanisms, making sure that if the chain or belt should accidentally break, the door does not slam shut, damage property or injure people nearby.

Contact Dream Garage Door to schedule an annual tune up if you need Garage Door Maintenance in Houston County. Our service will keep your garage door in excellent shape. Preventative maintenance helps our customers save money by bypassing repairs, so enjoy an inspection today.