Installation of garage door openers is one of the most valuable services we offer at Dream Garage Door. As one of the most highly regarded companies providing garage door opener installation in Houston, we offer our customers access to the widest range of high quality opening mechanisms and motors in the local industry.

Garage Door Opener Installation.

Many different types of garage door openers exist, and each one offers a distinct set of advantages and drawbacks to home and business owners. Our highly experienced technicians have a decade of history to draw on when assisting customers with the choice of which opening mechanism is ideal for their property. During our initial evaluation, we assess our customers’ needs and use that information to suggest the best possible opener available.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Overhead door motors typically operate on one of four basic mechanisms:

Belt drives—The quietest and most reliable drive, belt-driven garage door openers pull door frames along their tracks using an elastic rubber belt that is highly resistant to wear and requires little to no maintenance. These tend to be the most expensive types of openers.

Chain drives—Another very reliable opener mechanism is the chain drive. While it is not as quiet as the belt drive, it is resistant to damage but requires regular lubrication to prevent corrosion. These drives are the most common drives found in most homes and businesses.

Jack shafts—Unlike chain and belt drives, jackshafts operate directly on the torsion springs from either side of the door frame. This allows the opener mechanism to be placed much higher in the room, saving space.

Screw drives—These drives operate by transferring force to the door frame through a rifled metal screw. They are inexpensive, but loud and unusually susceptible to wear.

Whatever specific characteristics you value most, Dream Garage Door guarantees that we can find the ideal opener to meet your needs. Our garage door installation team is ready to help you choose the right type, brand and model of garage door motor, so schedule a consultation today.