Do you have any Garage Door Repair Questions like: What kinds of products does Dream Garage Door Houston, Tx offer?
Our company offers a variety of garage doors and related accessories. We sell garage door openers, electronic receivers and garage door frames made from a variety of materials, such as:

  • Steel.
  • Wood.
  • Aluminum and more.

Garage Door Repair Questions.

What is the best way to choose a manufacturer of garage doors?

When deciding on a garage door manufacturer, base your decision on obtaining references about the company you plan on working with. Whether from neighbors, professional services or review websites, detailed information from someone who has experienced working with the company’s products for a long time will help you form accurate expectations.
We provide Web users with comprehensive information on our services directly from our previous customers on our testimonials page.

This is a great Garage Door Repair Questions. How do you “tune-up” a garage door?

Garage doors operate through the use of a motor not unlike the one an automobile uses to move, but on a much smaller scale. Just like a car motor, this device can wear out over time and eventually fail if it is not maintained properly. Specialists perform garage door tune-ups to verify the components of the door motor as well as the integrity of a garage doors springs, frame and rollers, ensuring long-lasting use.
Our tuning process consists of a 25-point inspection that includes checking the condition of the door’s motor, springs and cables, making modifications as necessary and fully lubricating the door rollers.

Should garage doors be tuned up annually?

Yes, a properly functioning garage door in typical daily usage conditions should be tuned up once every year. If your garage door is old, worn or otherwise unstable, bi-annual tune-ups may be advisable.

How much does a new garage door cost?

The cost of a garage door varies based on the components used, the time needed to install the door and the local conditions of the property where the installation takes place. Reach out to one of our specialists for a comprehensive estimate on the cost of your garage door installation plans.

Are garage doors safe for handymen and homeowners to repair?

While a competent DIY handyman can easily complete light maintenance such as lubricating the door tracks or tightening a hinge, any repair of the springs, fittings or cables responsible for operating the door mechanism should be left to professionals. These components are under dangerous amounts of pressure, and any mistake could lead to severe injury or even death.

Which is preferable: replacing a part of a garage door or replacing the entire assembly?

Only a professional safety inspection of your garage door will determine whether you can expect reliable, functional performance by only replacing a single component of the entire door assembly. Reach out to us and ask one of our specialists to examine your door for damage and offer an estimate.
Another great Garage Door Repair Questions is: What can cause a garage door to open and shut on its own?
Electric short circuits are typically to blame for unexpected garage door malfunctions of this variety. The bad contact may be located in the door motor assembly, the wall button, the external keypad or any other part of the door’s control mechanism.

More Garage Door Repair Questions.

What are the symptoms of a faulty garage door spring?

A door’s springs transfer the energy of the motor to the frame of the door. As such, a door with a broken spring may not close or open correctly. In some cases, this malfunction may be accompanied by a loud grating sound—a clear warning that immediate service is necessary.

What is the difference between a high quality door and a low quality one?

The two main elements that differentiate excellent doors and poor quality ones are security and energy efficiency. A high quality door secures the property from unauthorized entry and effectively prevents heat loss. A low quality door may cost more in the long run due to poor insulation.

How long does a typical garage door opener last?

Generally, garage door openers remain in good functioning condition for a period of one decade up to 15 years. Regular annual maintenance can improve this lifespan significantly, however. Watch out for a noisy opening motor, which may indicate faulty springs, improper balance or bad hinges.

Should I get a sectional garage door or a rolling one?

Property owners typically choose rolling garage doors because of their shock resistance, silent operation and high degree of security. Individuals looking for an inexpensive alternative often choose sectional doors.
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Garage Door Repair Questions